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Party at the Pier Moves to the Rooftop Terrace

By August 14, 2023Blog

Riverlife’s Party at the Pier soars to new heights on the new Rooftop Terrace at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Read on to learn more about the decision to move our annual riverfront celebration to the stunning Downtown rooftop and why we love this riverfront space.

Riverlife’s success over the past 24 years has been built on strong partnerships. Important transformations up and down the rivers have been realized because of that shared interest. When it came time to find the perfect spot to celebrate Pittsburgh’s rivers and the city’s vibrant spirit through Party at the Pier, the Rooftop Terrace was a natural choice. This urban oasis has captured Riverlife’s hearts for a multitude of reasons, creating a beautiful backdrop for guests to dance the night away under the stars, overlooking the city skyline.

Reasons We Love the Rooftop Terrace

  • A Green Jewel Amidst Urban Landscape: The Rooftop Terrace is more than just a place. Nestled among the hustle and bustle of the city, it offers a serene respite where lush greenery and panoramic river views come together. This blend of nature and urban charm resonates deeply with Riverlife’s mission to seamlessly connect Pittsburgh’s urban environment with its natural riverscape. It’s a haven that reminds us all of the importance of finding moments of tranquility amid the urban excitement.
  • A Perfect Blend of Sustainability and Style: Sustainability is at the core of both Riverlife and the Convention Center, and the Rooftop Terrace beautifully marries these values. With its LEED Gold-certification, the Convention Center and its rooftop exemplifies the power of sustainable architecture. The integration of green roofs, eco-friendly design, and energy-efficient practices perfectly aligns with Riverlife’s dedication to promoting eco-conscious urban development. This synergy between sustainability and style is what makes the Rooftop Terrace a true gem.
  • An Elevated Perspective on Pittsburgh: The Rooftop Terrace provides a unique vantage point, offering an unparalleled perspective on Pittsburgh’s evolving skyline and the mesmerizing beauty of the Sister Bridges along the Allegheny River. This perspective mirrors Riverlife’s commitment to connecting the community with the rivers and fostering a deeper appreciation for these natural wonders. It’s a view that reminds us of the city’s transformation and the role that these rivers play in shaping its identity.
  • A Place to Celebrate and Connect: Party at the Pier isn’t just a party – it’s a celebration of Pittsburgh’s riverfront and a testament to the impact of collaborative efforts. Selecting the Rooftop Terrace as the event’s venue has been an intentional move, as it embodies the spirit of celebration and connection that both Riverlife and the Convention Center stand for. This rooftop space brings people together, fostering a sense of community and reminding us of the importance of gathering to appreciate the beauty around us.

Pittsburgh is the City of Partnerships 

Riverlife is incredibly grateful to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for hosting Party at the Pier–and for its continued investment in the riverfront experience. As Riverlife continues its journey to transform Pittsburgh’s riverfronts, the Rooftop Terrace stands as a symbol of what can be achieved when we prioritize our natural environment while embracing the vibrancy of city life. It’s a place where dreams of greener, more connected cities come alive, and where Pittsburgh’s past, present, and future gracefully converge.

To learn more about the Rooftop Terrace, visit their website, and read more about the recent construction here.

Photos courtesy of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.