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City Planning seeks public comment on proposed riverfront zoning changes through Feb. 19

By January 24, 2018Blog
People sit facing the river on the steps of the Point State Park promenade.

People who own property along Pittsburgh’s 35 miles of riverfront are being encouraged to review the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning’s proposed changes to the existing riverfront zoning code and participate in a 30-day public commenting period

The proposed changes were developed over a two-year City Planning-led public process that included a series of neighborhood meetings, focus groups, stakeholder interviews and public surveys. According to City Planning, the zoning updates are necessary to make current industrial zoning more responsive to new mixed-use development and redevelopment occurring along the three rivers, while also protecting existing industrial entities that depend on the riverfront to operate.

City Planning is currently accepting public comments through February 19, 2018 on the proposed updates. A City Planning Commission hearing on the changes is scheduled for February 20.

The updated zoning code creates five new zoning districts that recognize and accommodate the varied uses and characteristics of Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. It also establishes a ‘performance points bonus system’ that encourages new development to include public benefits like riverfront trails and amenities, stormwater management landscaping and energy efficiency.

For more information, visit the City’s riverfront zoning website,