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City Council votes to approve legislation to update riverfront zoning, 9-0

By May 27, 2016October 25th, 2016Blog

Interim Planning Overlay District will help shape future zoning for mixed use of Pittsburgh’s riverfronts

On May 23, 2016, Pittsburgh City Council approved by an unanimous 9-0 vote an ordinance establishing an interim Riverfront Planning Overlay District.  The overlay district will be in effect for the next 18-24 months as the City’s Planning Department works to develop permanent riverfront zoning.

Riverlife has been a strong supporter of the measure, and we are very grateful for the efforts of Pittsburgh City Planning Director Ray Gastil and Planning Department staff in developing an ordinance which took into account the interests of many varying stakeholders.  City Councilwoman Deborah Gross, District 7, was key in moving the ordinance through the legislative process.

The Interim Planning Overlay District legislation approved by City Council was carefully crafted and adapted to reflect the important feedback of stakeholders including industrial users, property owners, developers, recreational users and residents.

“A city thrives when different types of uses can coexist while adapting to the needs of its residents, workers and visitors,” said Vivien Li, Riverlife president and CEO. “The same goes for riverfronts. Industrial, residential, commercial and recreational uses can and must coexist along our riverfronts as vital elements of the continued economic success of our region. The proposed legislation is a step toward crafting riverfront zoning that acknowledges the variety of uses along, and users of, our riverfronts.”

The IPOD will provide temporary standards for new development while riverfront stakeholders work together to develop comprehensive, community-informed, permanent riverfront zoning over the next 18-to-24 months.

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