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Mon Wharf Switchback Ramp goes vertical!

By September 19, 2017September 20th, 2017Uncategorized
Steel supports are put into place at the Mon Wharf site. These four beams will support the portion of the ramp that extends upstream of the Smithfield Street Bridge before it doubles back downstream.

Major progress this week for the Mon Wharf Switchback project, a collaboration between Riverlife and the City of Pittsburgh! When complete, the Switchback will create a vital missing link in the downtown riverfront trail system and Great Allegheny Passage.

Steel supports for the switchback ramp were put into place at the project site along the Monongahela River just upstream of the Smithfield Street Bridge. We’ve known for a long time that this is a big project, and the supports give a visual confirmation of the size and height of the ramp when completed.

Trail users will enter the ramp from the upriver sidewalk of the bridge, walk or pedal east down the ramp before doubling back west to pass underneath the bridge and land at the Mon Wharf.

Riverlife and the City of Pittsburgh are joint partners in the construction of the Mon Wharf Switchback. The construction end date is scheduled for December 11, 2017 (date is subject to change based on conditions and schedules).

Construction photos, updates and more information about the project can be found on Riverlife’s Mon Wharf Switchback page.

Photo by Riverlife