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Mon Wharf Switchback wins two more awards

By March 13, 2020Blog

Looking for a little alone time this weekend while the weather’s nice? How about hitting Pittsburgh’s riverfront trails and checking out the award-winning Mon Wharf Switchback?

That’s right, we’re excited to announce that the Switchback has won two more awards: the 2020 TQI Community Connection Award from Associated Pennsylvania Constructors, and the March of Dimes Transportation Project of the Year as part of their 10th Annual Pittsburgh Transportation, Building and Construction Awards.

These honors come on top of the Mon Wharf Switchback’s award last year for Outstanding Highway Engineering from the American Society of Highway Engineers.

Thank you for recognizing great projects that connect cyclists and pedestrians to Pittsburgh’s riverfronts!

Riverlife is proud to have built the Mon Wharf Switchback with our partners at Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc., and Clearwater Construction with assistance from Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Pittsburgh Parking Authority.