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“Invisible Ecologies” debuts this week along the Allegheny River

By June 3, 2021Blog

Something special is nesting along Pittsburgh’s riverfronts.

If you’re walking, biking, or boating along the downtown side of the Allegheny River between the Roberto Clemente and Fort Duquesne Bridges this week, you may notice “Invisible Ecologies,” a new public art installation by Future Green Studio. The installation is part of ArtWalk on the Allegheny by Riverlife and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Debuting as part of this weekend’s Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, the sculpture repositions unnatural materials found in the urban environment–objects like concrete, graffiti, and discarded plastic and glass–and aggregates them into a series of structures mounted on steel pedestals.

Special thanks to Riverlife’s partners at Friends of the Riverfront, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works for coordinating volunteers and workers to help install new plantings, remove dead trees and graffiti, and make other improvements to the landscape.

Learn more about the project at our “Invisible Ecologies” Riverfront Projects page.