Pittsburgh Riverfronts

Mon Wharf Switchback


The Mon Wharf Switchback Ramp will connect cyclists using the Smithfield Street Bridge, Eliza Furnace “Jail Trail” and Great Allegheny Passage safely and smoothly down to the Mon Wharf Landing, a linear park along the Monongahela River. The ramp will be ADA accessible and fully lit at night.

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Project Partners

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
City of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Parking Authority


After the Mon Wharf Landing opened to the public in 2009, creating new riverfront public open space on what was formerly rows of parking spaces, Riverlife began planning and fundraising for a connection on the eastern end of the Landing up to the Smithfield Street Bridge.  When this connection is in place, the Mon Wharf switchback ramp will create a riverfront route for non-motorized trail users to enter into Point State Park.

Site preparation for construction of the Switchback began in April of 2017.