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‘to be determined’ Under the Fort Duquesne Bridge


What can be done to the highly-trafficked but underutilized stretch of the Allegheny River trail under the Fort Duquesne Bridge, between downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District and Point State Park? Developed in partnership with a multitude of agencies and area non-profits, Riverlife presents ‘to be determined’, a temporary outdoor urban gallery meant to inspire and ignite discussion.

Read about Riverlife’s Request for Qualifications for a temporary installation for this initiative in 2018.

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Works In This Series

‘to be determined’: Displaced
Photos by Maranie Staab

On view June-September 2017
From the artist:

We live in a world where nearly 34,000 people are forcibly displaced every day as a result of conflict, persecution and environmental factors.

We also live in a world where these populations have largely become anonymous numbers and statistics — they have become a nameless, faceless and dehumanized “other.”

In 2017 the UNHCR announced that there are more than 65 million displaced persons in the world — more than at any other time in history. Of that number, more than 20 million are refugees, half of whom are under the age of 18.


‘to be determined’: Take a Seat!

On view June 2-11, 2017 during the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival

Take a Seat! is an interactive installation of movable chairs on the riverfront and the latest chapter in Riverlife’s ‘to be determined’ series under the Fort Duquesne Bridge. Twenty-five lightweight movable chairs are equipped with a GPS locator to record their locations and movements under the bridge and into Point State Park.

'to be determined' 2017 Take a Seat! chair project

‘to be determined’: Adjutant
Kim Beck

Ongoing; debuted June 2015

Kim Beck’s Adjutant incorporates images of oversized common weeds using silhouettes in shades of black, gray and white. The mural is inspired after a riverfront scene described by Henry David Thoreau in his 1906 journal: ‘There they stood in the midst of the open river on this shallow and weedy bar in the sun the leisurely sentries lazily pluming themselves as if the day were too long for them. They gave a new character to the stream. Adjutant they were to my idea of the river, these two winged men.’”

Beck’s work was painted by dozens of volunteers over a six-week period on the 750-foot wall underneath the Fort Duquesne Bridge on ramp.

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Riverlife is the presenting partner of the ‘to be determined’ series, with support from City of Pittsburgh Office of Public Art, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Department of City Planning, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, and PennDOT.


‘to be determined’ began in 2015 as an effort by Riverlife to beautify the concrete riverfront trail underneath the Fort Duquesne Bridge on-ramp between the Cultural District and Point State Park. Utilizing the 750-foot wall, paved trail and concrete bridge pillars, ‘to be determined’ makes use of the space’s cathedral-like scale to bring art, poetry and activity to this under developed section of downtown riverfront.

Initial funding for this project was made possible by the Fine Foundation.

Riverlife is seeking qualified artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals for the 2018 edition of ‘to be determined.’ Read more about our Request For Qualifications (RFQ).