Monongahela River Room

Some of the city’s most populous neighborhoods line the Monongahela River, but there are few places to get to the shoreline.

The Mon is Pittsburgh’s “working river” where barges still carry tons of coal, coke, iron, and steel. Known to the Native Americans as the “river with high banks that fall,” the Mon’s steep topography and legacy industrial uses mean that few people live next to the riverfront and access is difficult.

We will make the most of the connections that do exist and create new meaningful connections where possible on both sides of the river.

On the south bank, the Fourth Street will gain an expanded kayak landing and an improved connector trail between the Highline and Station Square. On the north side, new “Connectors” will provide access to the Eliza Furnace Trail from Oakland, Schenley Park, Uptown and Hazelwood Green.

Our Vision for the future of the Monongahela River Room

The Carson Street neighborhood loop will get wayfinding signage to connect the neighborhood to the river, bringing new life to both.
South Side Riverfront Park will be extended to connect to 4th Street with a safe and pleasant trail, and new bridge ramp at 10th Street.
The Fourth Street Landing will get trail and landing improvements allowing trail and industrial users to access the riverfront safely.
Riverbank restorations will improve the structural and ecological conditions along much of the river.
The Uptown Connector will connect the Uptown, Hill District, and Oakland neighborhoods to the Eliza Furnace Trail.
The Oakland Connector will connect the Pittsburgh’s densest neighborhood to the Eliza Furnace Trail.
The Four Mile Run Connector will connect Schenley Park and Hazelwood Green to the Eliza Furnace Trail.

Essential projects in the Monongahela River Room

Improvements to South Side Riverfront Park will make this space more welcoming to pedestrians. This park is heavily used and will benefit from trail maintenance, stormwater control, and amenities.

A new Pittsburgh Technology Center spur to the Eliza Furnace Trail can be a riverfront connection from Schenley Park to Hazelwood Green.

The Highline-Station Square connector will be a safe, riverfront trail with artistic installations at the concrete plant.