Confluence River Room

The Confluence River Room contains some of the Loop’s most loved and most challenged places. People frequently visit the North Shore, the Golden Triangle, and Station Square, but access to the West End Bridge’s fantastic city views is elusive.

We’re envisioning exciting projects that will transform the Confluence River Room. Manchester Gateway Park will be an artful destination with an accessible route connecting Manchester, the riverfront, and the West End Bridge.

Saw Mill Run Gateway Park will become an ecological destination marking the entry of the Run into the Ohio River. The Point State Park Connector will provide an ADA accessible and pleasant connection from the Mon Wharf to Point State Park.

Our vision for the future of the confluence river room

Station Square Landing will get expanded and improved docks, inviting more people onto the river.
Trail and incline station improvements on the Mt. Washington neighborhood loop will make it easier for pedestrians to walk along the Mon.
The new Saw Mill Run Gateway riverfront park will connect visitors to the West End and provide accessible connections to the river and bridge.
The Manchester Gateway Park will be created under the north end of the West End Bridge with a sculptural path.
Allegheny Landing and Allegheny Riverfront Park will be renovated and improved to create a stronger sense of place in one of the Loop’s most visited areas.
We will create activation at the Mon Wharf, like kayak launches, lighting, and seasonal activities.

Essential Projects in the Confluence River Room

The section of Manchester Gateway Park below the West End Bridge has a cathedral-like quality that will be perfect for artistic infrastructure like a hanging serpentine pedestrian path.

Landscape improvements to Manchester Gateway Park will help connect people to destinations deeper in the North Side of the Ohio.

Pier overlooks on the West End Bridge will allow people to take in the city views.

The West End Bridge can become more pedestrian friendly by widening the existing walkways.

In Saw Mill Run Gateway Park, industrial warehouses can be rejuvenated to house small businesses like food vendors, nonprofits, and artist studios.