Allegheny River Room

Photo of the city tow pound lot on the Allegheny riverfront.

The tow pound lot today.

The Allegheny is Pittsburgh’s recreational river with less barge traffic and more fishing and boating access. This river room also contains one of the last publicly-owned riverfront parcels that could become a new public park, ensuring that this portion of the Loop contains amenities for everyone.

We plan to transform the city’s existing tow pound lot into a world-class riverfront destination with improved connections from the Strip District to the riverfront, a new bridge connection, and ample opportunity for outdoor recreation. Across the river, the River Avenue Corridor will get a new riverfront trailhead and continued trail maintenance and ecological restoration.

We have lots more exciting plans for this area. See them all in the Completing the Loop report.

Our vision for the future of the Allegheny River Room

Links between River Avenue Corridor improvements and river-oriented development will strengthen the District.
A neighborhood loop in Troy Hill will bring the neighborhood to the river, and the river to the neighborhood.
The new River Avenue Trailhead will create a better connection between the 31st Street Bridge and River Avenue, while also creating a new entrance to the Loop.
What is currently the city tow pound lot will become City Landing Park, a much needed open space in the Strip District.
A neighborhood loop in the Strip District will connect the Penn Avenue buinsess district to the riverfront, activating both spaces.
Riverbank restorations along throughout the Strip District will restore a more natural ecology.

Essential Projects in the Allegheny River Room

The River Avenue Corridor will get pedestrian and cycling improvements to calm traffic as well as a new trailhead welcoming drivers, pedestrians, and bikers to the riverfront.

Washington’s Landing is a desirable destination as it is today, but can be improved with landscaping, and by restoring an abandoned railroad bridge to make a new connection to the island.

Pleasant, well-lit crossings under railroads and over highways will make this area safer and better-connected.

We envision turning the city’s tow pound lot into a City Landing Park, public park that can incorporate affordable housing, community gathering spaces, and unique outdoor riverfront experiences.

“We need unique things to do to make this park a destination.”

-StoryMap respondent