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Riverlife is working with you to make Pittsburgh’s waterfronts great public destinations that we can all enjoy. We’re a nonprofit organization that collaborates with property owners, local government, and community groups to create new parks, trails, real estate development, and riverfront art and events. Our main focus is Pittsburgh, but we also work with waterfront towns and cities throughout the region.

Click here for the latest information on Pittsburgh's riverfronts and COVID-19Click here for the latest information on Pittsburgh's riverfronts and COVID-19

Our riverfronts are the front door to our city.

Riverlife is here to help. What would you like to do on the rivers?

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What’s Happening on Pittsburgh’s Riverfronts

Black Lives Matter mural created under the Fort Duquesne Bridge

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Art can serve as a powerful channel in the nationwide conversation on racial justice, and we affirm the importance of the riverfronts as civic spaces for dialogue. Over the weekend,…

We stand against racism.

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This has been a week of sorrow, anger, and inward reflection. Our Riverlife team is saddened by the pain and trauma inflicted on communities of color by the deaths of…
View of the Great Lawn with green grass and a concrete tracery path leading to the fountain.

PA parks and trails are being used more than ever. Take action now to help preserve funding for them.

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During the COVID-19 crisis, Pennsylvania's parks and trails have seen substantial increases in use across the commonwealth. People have turned to these important outdoor public open spaces for fresh air,…

Pittsburgh’s riverfront events: cancellations and postponements

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Event cancellations and postponements are becoming increasingly common as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a list of upcoming riverfront events scheduled to take place near downtown Pittsburgh.OpenStreetsPGH…
North Shore riverwalk full of pedestrians and boaters near PNC Park

Project spotlight: Pittsburgh’s North Shore

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Pittsburgh’s riverfronts have transformed at a rapid pace. It may be hard to believe, but just twenty years ago the city’s North Shore neighborhood didn’t exist. Now one of Pittsburgh’s…

The latest COVID-19 recommendations for staying safe on Pittsburgh’s riverfront parks and trails

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Pittsburgh's riverfronts are amazing public amenities and a big part of what makes this city so great. As our community navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, we all must do our…

Riverfronts for Everyone: Video Gallery

Video: These five ingredients make Pittsburgh’s riverfronts amazing

Riverlife works to make Pittsburgh’s riverfronts cleaner, safer and more fun for everyone. In less than two minutes, you’ll find out the five ingredients it takes to make Pittsburgh’s riverfronts amazing (and enjoy some beautiful shots of our city’s waterways as well!)

Video: Introducing the vision for Strip District Riverfront Park

Now is a key moment to work with Strip District land owners to establish public waterfront access along the Allegheny Riverfront from 11th Street to the 31st Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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