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Pittsburgh Riverfronts

West End Bridge


The West End Bridge is ranked as one of the most challenged and extraordinary opportunities for transformation in Riverlife’s “Completing the Loop” report.

Riverlife is entering into significant planning work to develop this infrastructure. The plan seeks to create accessible, safe, artful structures and paths that connect the historic bridge to the surrounding communities and regional and national trail networks, improved destinations at the base of the bridge for parks, art and recreational opportunities, and improving the overall cross-bridge experience.

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On March 13, 2024, Riverlife and El Dorado presented the preferred design concepts based on community feedback. You can view the meeting recording or presentation, and share your feedback through our Engage page.

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Access Structure Design and Engineering

Riverlife has chosen El Dorado, an integrated architecture, urban design, curatorial, education, and fabrication practice from Kansas City, MO, to lead the engineering and design efforts for access structures from ground level to the pedestrian walkways on the West End Bridge.

El Dorado and their diverse and dynamic team bring to the project a wealth of experience in design, planning, structure, landscape, art, and more. 

El Dorado’s expanded team members include local and international experts:

El Dorado’s approach to integrating disparate disciplines to execute complex assignments aligns perfectly with Riverlife’s vision for inclusive, sustainable, artful infrastructure that will reconnect and reshape the riverfronts around the West End Bridge.

Bridging the West End Gap will include significant and critical partnerships with land owners, ALCOSAN, PennDOT and the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and communities along either side of the bridge, among others.

West End Bridge March 2024 Public Meeting

West End Bridge February 2024 Presentation to the Community

On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Riverlife and El Dorado presented these updated plans at a Manchester Citizen’s Corporation community meeting, where there will be more context, opportunity for comments, and even more refined concepts will be shared at that time.

West End Bridge Access Structures Concept Report | February 21, 2024

West End Bridge December 2023 Public Meeting