Pittsburgh Riverfronts

Washington’s Landing


Washington’s Landing (formerly known as Herrs Island) is one of Pittsburgh’s most desired waterfront residential locations. In addition to sweeping views of Downtown and the Allegheny River, the island features a marina, a riverfront restaurant, residential and commercial real estate, a pedestrian bridge connecting to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, and the home of Three Rivers Rowing Association’s Lambert Boathouse.

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Owner: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Developer: Rubinoff Company


Washington’s Landing Marina
Three Rivers Rowing Association
Redfin Blue restaurant


During the 1980s and 1990s, Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority advanced a redevelopment plan for Herr’s Island, once blighted by former cattle stockyards, meatpacking and rendering plants, metal salvaging plants and other industrial uses. The redevelopment plan called for brownfield remediation, new roadways, and parks and trails, an overall public investment of $26.5 million.  Additional housing and commercial development brought the total cost of development to over $70 million and resulted in establishing Herr’s Island (renamed Washington’s Landing after a story that George Washington slept there) as a premiere piece of real estate.