Pittsburgh Riverfronts

Southside Riverfront Park & Trail


Southside Riverfront Park is one of Pittsburgh’s first riverfront parks and could be called the birthplace of the regional Three Rivers Heritage Trail system. Extending underneath the Birmingham Bridge along the Mon River in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood, the park features picnic space, a public boat launch and canoe launch. Upriver the park and trail seamlessly connect through the private South Side Marina into the public South Shore Riverfront Park at SouthSide Works retail complex.

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Managing Partner

Southsde Riverfront Park is owned and managed by the City of Pittsburgh.

For special events and rentals please visit the City of Pittsburgh’s Citiparks Special Events website.

For information about stewardship of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, please visit Friends of the Riverfront.

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Trail Development

In the late 1990s creating access to the waterfront was a priority of Mayor Tom Murphy (who served from 1994-2006) and trail advocacy group Friends of the Riverfront. Trail development at the Station Square site on the Mon River became a starting point for the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. The Heritage Trail expanded along Pittsburgh’s South Side, first including a span from 4th to 9th Street built by the City of Pittsburgh with support from Laurel Foundation and other stakeholders. The trail was expanded between 9th and 18th Streets by the City in 1991 after urging from Friends of the Riverfront, and entered Southside Riverfront Park in 1999.