Pittsburgh Riverfronts

Rivers Casino Amphitheater


Photo by Dennis Marsico / Strada

Rivers Casino’s privately owned, public riverfront amphitheater near the headwaters of the Ohio River was completed in 2009 by Gaming Holdings. This outdoor public open space has become a landmark destination for area residents and visitors alike.  The design includes a riverfront promenade, 1,200-seat outdoor amphitheater facing the Ohio River, sensitive riverfront lighting plan and dock for boat access. The casino’s award-winning landscape design by Pittsburgh-based Strada also incorporates a stormwater management system.

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Managing Partner

The riverfront amphitheater is open to the publicand is owned and operated by Rivers Casino.

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By collaborating with Riverlife to reach compromises and solutions throughout the construction of the project, Rivers Casino has become a welcome addition to Pittsburgh’s 15-mile loop of riverfront amenities, and Gaming Holdings a contributing partner in planning for the next phases of riverfront development on the North Shore.

Park opened to public: 2009
Estimated project cost: $3.5 million