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Point State Park Fountain


The 150-foot fountain at Point State Park is Pittsburgh’s heroic moment.  Completed in 1974 to conclude the construction of Point State Park, the fountain is the dramatic first image that visitors have of the city. After undergoing a Riverlife-led renovation that finished in 2013, the Point State Park fountain now features a plaza that is ADA-accessible, an overflow waterfall and reflecting pool, a seating ring and new benches, restroom facilities, and updated dynamic LED lighting.

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Managing Partner

The Point State Park fountain operates seasonally and is managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

For more information about Point State Park, please visit DCNR’s official website.

2013 Renovation Partners:
Allegheny Conference on Community Development


The Point State Park fountain was in a state of near-constant use since it debuted in 1974. The wear-and-tear was evident as the fountain pumps began to fail in the early 2000s. Riverlife’s “Friends of the Fountain” campaign began during the summer of 2009 to raise support for the Fountain’s renovation, which was the final piece of the overall renovation of Point State Park. After raising approximately $11.6 million to repair the pumps, completely revamp the fountain plaza and make other upgrades, the fountain was turned back on during the “Riverlights at the Point” public celebration on June 7, 2013.