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North Shore Riverfront Park & Trail


Located on the northern bank of the Allegheny River and the headwaters of the Ohio River, the North Shore was created in the early 2000s during the construction of the Heinz Field and PNC Park. The North Shore is a waterfront gathering space that links together entertainment venues, restaurants, office buildings and cultural amenities with recreation and public green space.

The park spans from the Roberto Clemente Bridge downriver to the Carnegie Science Center.

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The Sports & Exhibition Authority’s mission is to provide venues for sporting, entertainment, educational, cultural, civic, and social events for the benefit of the general public.

Sports and Exhibition Authority of Allegheny County (SEA)

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The creation of North Shore Riverfront Park was a game-changer for Pittsburgh, showcasing the potential of the city’s riverfronts as destinations for entertainment, recreation and relaxation. It also changed the face of the downtown riverfronts, rolling out a green carpet of public open space and extending the Downtown area across the Allegheny and Ohio rivers. Developed during the regional efforts to build new stadiums for the Steelers and Pirates during the 1990s, the North Shore was designed  by EDAW Inc. after an extensive public process that involved planning assistance and input from the newly-formed Riverlife Task Force. The Park was implemented by the Sports and Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County (SEA) at the cost of $35 million from a mix of public and private sources. It opened to the public in 2001.