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Almono/Hazelwood Green


Originally named Almono after the first syllables of Pittsburgh’s rivers–the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio–Hazelwood Green is a former steel mill site on 178 acres of Hazelwood’s riverfront along the Mon River. The site’s ongoing transition from a brownfield area to future green open space, commercial, residential and light industrial real estate will be transformational to an area just 15 minutes upriver from downtown Pittsburgh. It will also reconnect the Hazelwood neighborhood to the riverfront for the first time in generations.

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Development Partners

Almono Partners LP
Regional Industrial Development Corporation

From the Almono website:
Almono is a partnership of southwestern Pennsylvania foundations with a non-profit private development organization as a general partner. A vision of a sustainable riverfront community.


The Hazelwood Green site, on the site of the former LTV Coke Works in Hazelwood, was purchased as one parcel for $10 million in 2001 by a consortium of foundations known as Almono Partners LP. Development of the site has been managed by Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC).

From the official project website: The vision for Hazelwood Green is guided by the following design and development principles:

  • Economic – Creating Value
  • Community – Ensuring Diversity
  • Physical – Placemaking Design
  • Sustainability

Riverlife views Hazelwood Green as a tremendous opportunity to reconnect the people of Hazelwood back to the Mon riverfront. The project has the potential to position Pittsburgh as a model for sustainable mixed-use waterfront development and unique placemaking that pays tribute to the site’s steel heritage.