The Gathering

“The Gathering” is a monumental 12’ sculpture by artist Dan Droz, commissioned by Burns Scalo Real Estate for its “Vision on Fifteenth” Development, creating a focal point at the entrance to the Heritage Trail at 15th Street and Waterfront in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. The sculpture depicts a group of friends greeting each other, perhaps with a ‘high five,’ suggesting the important influence of place and experience and creating an ideal site for cyclists, shoppers and visitors to gather.

Artist Statement

The Little Prince in Saint-Exupery’s story reminds us “what is essential is invisible to the eye. What we experience is only part of the story, often camouflaging or misdirecting our attention away from more subtle and important aspects of what we are observing. In “The Gathering” we see people greeting each other with arms. Although each form is distinct, the six elements of the sculpture, if layed flat, would fit together like puzzle pieces, suggesting an intimate connection with each other. Further, the negative spaces created by the juxtaposition of elements suggests a sense of trust, openness and vulnerability.

“The Gathering” is part of ArtWalk on the Allegheny, Riverlife’s vision to bring immersive artwork and engaging programming to the riverfronts along two miles of the Allegheny River. Learn more and see the other pieces at