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South Shore Riverfront Park


The riverfront park at the SouthSide Works complex in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood was once the site of the J&L Steel Works. The former steel mill barge dock has been converted to a public park in an innovative project that straddles a railroad tunnel and overcomes a 40’ drop in elevation to provide access to the Monongahela River. Switchback terraces connect upper and lower plazas to create an exciting outdoor public space for recreation, relaxation and special events.

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Managing Partner

South Shore Riverfront Park is owned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and managed by The Soffer Organization / SouthSide Works.

For information about special events and rentals, please visit:

South Shore Riverfront Park website
SouthSide Works website



South Shore Riverfront Park opened in 2012, serving as an important connection for the Great Allegheny Passage and Three Rivers Heritage Trail. The total amount of programmable public open space: is approximately 3.4 acres. The project cost an estimated $13 million, a mix of public and private funding.

Partners in the creation of the park include:
City of Pittsburgh
Urban Redevelopment Authority
Department of Public Works
The Soffer Organization
South Side Local Development Company